Comparisons between mod_ruby and FastCGI

Hello all,

I'm a new Ruby on Rails developer who is working on applications for several different clients using the Ruby on Rails framework. The question that I've got to pose all of you concerns the differences between mod_ruby and FastCGI. I'm thinking about trying to get my webhost to install mod_ruby because it would run lightyears faster, but there's something I found about mod_ruby that they would probably take issue with.

On the Wikipedia article for mod_ruby, it reads: "Its drawback is that the characteristic sharing of classes among Apache processes is not safe for multiple applications." However, there is no citation.

So here's my question - is this a serious safety concern? If so, how did the developers of mod_php get around this problem? Is there another, more secure, solution to running ruby apps on a web server that is faster than mod_ruby?

Thanks in advance, Matt

Don't think anyone uses either of those these days. It's either
mod_rails or mongrel

I will say stay away from FastCGI, that's all.


You are really going to want to take a look at mongrel, thin, or ... my perference ... Passenger/mod_rails. Just type into your browser window and be amazed. :wink:

Or my new favorite JRuby with Glassfish...

False. My webhost currently has us using FastCGI to run our Rails scripts. I may shoot them an email asking about mod_rails though.