Help with link_to_remote

Is there a way to call to another controller with link_to_remote?
Something like this:
<%= link_to_remote "Tests", {
  :controller => "tests",
  :action => "tester"


explain better..

you can specify the controller you want on :controller => 'something'
or do you want to call two controllers?

masch wrote:

Right, i used :controller => "Tests", but it doesn't work. The html result is :
<a href="#" onclick="new Ajax.Request('/test/tester',----
is it right?
Because it never call to tests controller.


how do you know your controller never gets called?

what do you have on the 'tester' action on the tests_controller.rb?

when you use link_to_remote you make a ajax call, is this what you want?

masch wrote:

Sorry...watching code to explain the problem i realize that the real
controller name was test and not testS..
Thanks you Some much for you help!!!!..:smiley: