Help with design


I am a newbie in rails. I am creating a rails app where I query an existing database consisting of multiple tables. I created a model file corresponding to each database in the model folder. Now the problem is I want a consolidated view for all the models. My app will basically take some inputs from user and generate a summarized view based on the given inputs by querying multiple tables (and thus interacting with many models). So shall i create just one controller and put the entire logic in it?? or can i transfer some logic to helpers? What would be the ideal design in this case?

Any help is really appreciated!!

Thanks & Regards, Shalini Sah

Please ask questions like this in rails-talk list:!forum/rubyonrails-talk

rails-core is meant to discuss changes in the Rails source itself

while rails-talk is focused on apps created with Rails as well as design advices.