Help with default resource routes using id arguments

I am a new to rails so this is probably a basic question.

I have a resource route as such:

resources :user_profiles

In one of my controllers, I have the following:

redirect_to user_profiles_path(4)

This redirects to the "show" action in the "user_profiles" controller,
but the url structure is: http:/mydomain/user_profiles.4

Why is the url .4 and not /4?

Any help would be appreciated!

Anyone have any ideas?

If you want to redirect to a specific user_profile, you probably want to use the singular helper:


The singular path accepts 2 arguments: id and format

The plural helper (user_profiles_path) is for the “index” action and only accepts 1 argument: format

Run rake:routes to take a look at the available URLs and their helpers.

Thanks Tim! That did the trick!

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