help with collection_select

I have a table called ‘users’, there is a field called ‘username’ and another field called ‘mobile_number’ (among other fields).
In my application the user can send SMS message and can choose between his/her username and mobile number as the sender id. Both of them are of course stored in the users table. Also there is a third option which is the domain name of the website, it should be a static value (not retrieved from the database)

I need to create a drop down select menu that enables the user to do that, I’ve spent a lot of time with collection_select but couldn’t get it to work.
Anyone can help me with this?


It worked now. I’ve read somewhere that I have to use collection_select if I want to retrieve data from the DB so I was struggling with collection_select, now I did it with ‘select’, I stored the data in the controller in an array like:

def new
@user = User.find(logged_in_user)
@sending_options =[@user.username, @user.mobile_number, ‘DOMAIN.COM’]


in the veiw:

<%= :sender, @sending_options, :class => ‘fieldcell’ %>

That’s it :slight_smile: