Help using Scaffolds


Im just starting out with rails. Im having some problems running scaffolds.

I've created my project, set me databases as SQLight and ran the migration: ruby script/generate migration add_a_new_table

Then edited the code in db/migrate/001_add_a_new_table to:

class AddANewTable < ActiveRecord::Migration

  def self.up     create_table :users do |table|       table.column :name, :string       table.column :address, :string       table.column :postcode, :string       table.column :country, :string       table.column :phone, :string       table.column :email, :string

    end   end

  def self.down     drop_table :users   end end

When I try to run script/generate scaffold users it results in errors. Am I using scaffolds wrong? Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

What were the errors?

undefined users, or something like that. I'll paste the exact errors later today.

am I right in how im going about this? i mean the scaffold to create that table would be 'script/generate scaffold users' ?

thanks for now!