help understanding view_paths in edge rails ??

Edge rails has something I really want/need, the ability to have a
list of paths searched when trying to locate a view template file,
basically they have changed the single template_root path to an array
called view_paths.

Here is a link to the a modified ActionController::Base

starting on line 360, they have this bit

369 @@view_paths = {}
371 # View load paths determine the bases from which template
references can be made. So a call to
372 # render("test/template") will be looked up in the view
load paths array and the closest match will be
373 # returned.
374 def view_paths=(value)
375 @@view_paths[name] = value
376 end

my question is where does the name come from on line 375 ! ie the key
for the hash ???

Also, any advice on how to pluck out just the view_paths stuff and add
to my stable 1.2.3 ?

-- Thanks