Help Needed with Routing Controller Modules


Please can someone help me with this routing issue. I'm using Controller modules to group controllers. e.g. ruby script/generate controller supplier::home etc.

I have a default route setup:

map.connect 'supplier', :controller => 'supplier/home'

This works fine. This also seems to work if i open a console and do the following:

  rs.recognize_path '/supplier/accommodation'

This is my result:

  {:action=>"index", :controller=>"supplier/accommodation"}

This is great and works fine for all requests in the supplier module.

THE PROBLEM IS: My app runs perfectly on my local machine - it just gives huge problems on the server. The setup is as follows:

Apache2.2.3 || 3 mongrels assigned

There are two other apps on the Xen box and their routing works fine, but then again they don't use modules.

Has anyone had a similar problem?