Help me about connect Facebook in Ruby on Rails

Hi everyone
I am doing connect with Facebook by instruction of Railscast-360.
I connected Facebook and the homepage showed username of Facebook.
But it only show username of developer (admin page).
I want it can show username of many people same as friends of admin or
Can you give me some instruction? .Thanks...

11am Wednesday - its on my calendar !



Explain more a bit what you want. If you want to interact with Facebook’s API try to use the gem Koala. If you want to show only the users, you should change your index(or any other page) to show all the users by name. On that Railscast only shows the logged in user, so that name(your name) in the nav it’s suppose to be just like that.

I use fb_graph gem to fetch all the friends. Then you can display this list of usernames any where you like.

Check the link below:

As Cassio suggests , koala gem is another alternative for interacting with FB from rails.

Thanks.I understood this problem.I will learn gem "fb_graph".Thank you
very much