Fetch Facebook fanpage in rails


I am newbie to rails , I need access facebook page information like wall, subscription,picture etc.
I have apps in rails 3, it has list of
artist users he upload songs, videos within my application, when the public (No Need to Login) can hear the list of songs,videos. i decide to fetch the facebook/twitter basic fanpage information and shown to the public in the popups.

i don’t need login to a public user, just hear the songs, maybe who’s this song , put a button for facebook/twitter in the player. just click it. view the profile of the artist fanpage.

For eg,

  I am the public user , i listening the songs or videos in my site. suppose i want a facebook page/Fanpage of the artist could like to see  means , i had a facebook button in the  player. i will check the fanpage.

like this: http://graph.facebook.com/4

I will fetch this object hash.and then will be shown in the popup.

I google it. but i am so confused because someone’s said use the gems (fb_graph,koala). but i cant get real idea for that.

any tutorial for this…

sorry for the bad english

sathish M

use koala gem

29 февруари 2012, сряда, 08:50:30 UTC+2, sathish kannan написа:


There is railscast tutorial