Help - Google Charts on Rails Plugin


I’m starting at the RR, and I’m trying to use google charts to generate some graphs in a single plugin in rails. But
I’m testing the samples that are giving errors. I
think it must be configuration error. Someone who has used google charts on rails help me?

Since already thank you!


Hi Juliana,

Sorry, I’ll explain it better.

Well, I’m starting in rails now and was testing some things with plugins. I wanted to create some graphs in my plugin to generate reports using the google charts to show the data that was saved in the db. I was not able to generate the chart, but I managed to run one of an example. Only now I have a new problem, my plugin needs to access
a data class from another plugin so I can take the data bank, but when I
try to see if they sought the data only appears so: #.

For example: @dados = Resposta.find(:all, :conditions => [“nota = ? AND pergunta_id = ?”, “1”, “2”])

This class ‘Resposta’ is another plugin, how do you get these figures in my class the
plugin I’m doing? I need them so I can use in my chart.

Since already many thanks to all!