Hello World I'm having trouble installing RoR on Windows

I’m excited to build with Ruby On Rails. I am starting to code again except I am having trouble installing Rails. I have Ruby installed along with Yarn and I got the Rails installer from the main website, after watching some tutorials. However, when I try to install Rails I have this issue:

You are missing a native dependency (libyaml). I haven’t used mingw/msys in forever, It would be easier to setup Rails on WSL2, but if you want to stick to mingw/msys you could install libyaml like this:

pacman -S mingw-w64-libyaml for mingw libyaml and

pacman -S libyaml for msys libyaml.

You probably want the former.

You will very likely hit more of those after this one or when running bundle install later on. You’ll need to identify which package is missing from the error and check if the package is available for msys/mingw.

Ok thank you. I’m trying to run the command in the terminal but it is not recognized.

On second thought, I will switch to Linux.

I think it will be easier yes.

If you want to run the pacman command, you need to do it from a Msys terminal (msys2.exe I believe)

Being pretty much at the same point like you in my journey, I decided to go with WSL2 on my Windows 10 machine. I do like Linux a lot and have been using it on the server side for almost 30 years now. But on the client side, unfortunately, I still feel it needs to catch up.

I had also used a Debian 11 VM with Docker as the basis for Dev Containers and combined that with VS Code Remote running off Windows 10. But the WSL2 approach so far seems the best option for me.

How did you go about the Linux way?