GSoC proposal: CMS engine

Hello all,
I've been working for more than a year in a Rails Engine for Content
Management System

This means authentication, authorization, resource import/export, categories,
tags, etc...
These are common features in web applications not currently covered by Rails.

The proposal is consolidating all this work in the Rails community,
enhancing/rewriting CMSplugin, from Restful Authentication plugin, or
whatever mentors think it's worth (if it is ;-))


Just from searching rails cms plugin on google I found Comatosse
( and Sandstone (

How is this different from other cms plugins available for rails? What
does your solution provide that others do not?

Hi Allen,

First of all, I'm working actively on it. Comatose seems to be still sleeping
and the commit in Sandstone is from one year ago. CMSplugin works with Rails
2.2.2 and Rails 2.3 will come as soon I solve some issues with the new
Engines framework

Other features:

* CMSplugin is more flexible. Features are model_name-agnostic

* Authentication methods supported: Login/Password, OpenID, Central
Authentication Service (CAS), CookieToken

* Authorization filters, roles, permissions (through I'd change this to be
more flexible)

* Atom/AtomPub, Categories, Tags, Logos and other CMS-bells-and-whistles

In addition, I started this work to build decentralized social network sites,
I'd love to go that way