GSoC applications open today

Google Summer of Code student applications start today!

College students: follow your open source passion this summer and let
Google foot the bill. Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a global program
that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open
source software projects.

RubyCentral didn't make it in as a mentoring organization this year,
so Rails is opening the gates to any project in the broader Ruby
ecosystem rather than solely Rails development. We will prefer strong
Rails applicants if the pool of dedicated, energetic mentors is too
small to give all projects the attention they deserve.

So Rubyists, step up! Please consider mentoring a student this summer.
It's a significant responsibility (estimate 5 hours/week) but mutually
rewarding and immensely beneficial to the community at large. Sign up
at the GSoC site [1] and join the discussion in the GSoC Campfire room

Students, now's the time to brainstorm and come up with a summer
project you feel passionate about. Check out and contribute to the
ideas list on the Rails wiki [3], start a discussion on the Rails core
list [4], and chat with mentors in the GSoC Campfire room [2]. Come up
with a concrete, attainable set of goals for the summer, and start
writing up an application [5]. You can work on your application from
now until the deadline, April 3 [6].

Best regards, and good luck!


Aaaand we've started a mailing list!

Students and mentors, please join. Everyone else is welcome too :slight_smile: