Graticule 0.2.8 and acts_as_geocodable problems

is anybody running Graticule 0.2.8 successfully? My site is using the
acts_as_geocodable plugin and when I load the console or restart my
mongrels, I get this error...

`evaluate_init_rb':RuntimeError: Graticule >= 0.2.0 is required for

I have Graticule 0.2.6 and 0.2.8 installed. I have even uninstalled
and reinstalled 0.2.8. When I reinstalled I made sure there wasn't a
bad source cache laying around in case it was a bad download.

using 0.2.6 works fine. My server is FreeBSD and I'm on Rails 2.1.2
and Ruby 1.8.6p111

thanx in advance.