Google Drive files - change permissions (make public)

Hello ,

I have created a Rails app which allows user to upload files to my Google Drive. 

    session = GoogleDrive::Session.from_config("config.json")

    session.upload_from_file(params[:file].path.to_s, "a_desired_file_name",convert: false)

I want to make these uploaded files accessible to all, I want to do it using some Ruby code only. I don't wanna do it manually. 

My motto to do it is my application has a View which lists the links of the files from Google Drive, and those links are useless unless they are ‘shareable links.’ .

I have used the following gems.
gem ‘google_drive’

gem ‘google-api-client’

‘create_permission’ method is a listed solution for this problem, but unfortunately it only works with Team Drive which comes with G-Suit.

I hope for your kind assistance.


it is made mandatory for me to use Google Drive for this purpose.