Good Linux Distro for Rails 3?

This may be the wrong place for this question but i am not sure where to go.

What is a good linux distro to get started with rails 3? I have given up on ubuntu and any related distro since the version of gem isnt high enough for rails and its related packages. I cant seem to use Arch since they use ruby 1.9.1. Is there a distro that has what i need in its package manager so that i can be up and running fairly quickly? I am not the best at getting all the packages running from scratch, so i rely on package managers but that seems to be a loosing battle as well. Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.


Then update your version of gem with gem update command.

I mean if ubuntu isn't gonna work for you, then I doubt anything else
will. I think ubuntu has the most up to date packages of any distro.

But I very much dislike ubuntu for rails. I tried it before and
everything just did not work out. Too many files were named weirdly and
I just did not want to deal with renaming or symlinking.

I stuck with CentOS 5.5 (also works with Fedora 13) and compiled ruby
1.9.2 from source (preview3, but the RC just came out) and then
downloaded rubygems 1.3.7 and compiled that as well. I never got RVM to
work with it though...

Sounds too strange to me...

I think you could just ignore the built in package managers and
download and install your gems, rvm and whatever else from github and
the gem package manager. Forget about ubuntu or fedoras packages...


I have started using he distro from, has everything ready to go.


Ubuntu works well, but I would use rvm with rails - very good
experience with me using it/