Best Linux distro to code Rails

Hello Group,

I want to start a project that uses Rails 3 and ruby 1.9.2 . with
(Rmagick). Can any one tell me a Linux distro that supports these
software seamlessly?

I have only used ubuntu and unbuntu server and all work flawlessly, I have more problem on macosx than in ubuntu, because not everything i need is found in Homebrew.

I recommend using rvm to install ruby and rails. That way, whatever distro you use, you will be able to control your RoR installations. I’ve tested RoR on Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Debian, and Fedora. Of these, I ran into the most problems with Ubuntu. I got things working just fine eventually, but Ubuntu had the most unmet dependencies and quirks. This was using fresh installs of the most recent versions of each, but Ubuntu had older versions of some necessary packages, complicating things.

So, using rvm on any of these installations should bypass many headaches you run into with differences in local versions.


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I don’t know what’s Rmagick, but maybe my little guide could help you:

If this is related to a personal development box I would say whatever
Linux distro you are happy that also meets your personal app
requirements and preferences. Rails run very well (and for all
intensive purposes is equally easy to install) on all of the major
Linux distros. So personally I would choose a distro based on what I
need and like and then lastly is rails compatible. For me that's
Ubuntu as I found the most help online when starting out in term of
howtos and blog post etc.

For pure server based production deployment I have CentOS and Ubuntu
on the top of my list

I am using Ubuntu and I have rvm. Working great so far!! no problems at all…

I used rvm to install on CentOS (on my desktop), so far the ride has been very smooth. I am not sure about Rmagick.