Hi guys,

I'm trying to use longitude and latitude to center a map like so:
<%= gmaps("map_options" => { "auto_zoom" => true, "center_latitude" =>
40.7275043, "center_longitude" => -73.9800645},"markers" => { "data"
=> @json}) %>

I have tried several variations of the line above, but none of them
seem to center the map where I need it centered. I'm I missing
something? If so, please let me know.

Thank you much!

Are you using a static map? If so, maybe I can help you with my static map setup. I’ve used the googlestaticmap gem for that.

  • unless RAILS_ENV.eql?(“test”)

  • map = => 11, :center => => resource.full_address), :width => 150, :height => 150)

  • map.markers << => “blue”, :location => => resource.full_address))

  • image_address = to_https(map.url)

= link_to image_tag(image_address), google_maps_url(resource.full_address), :target => “_blank” if image_address

It’s HAML, so - is <%- and = is <%=

This code only runs on development and production only to prevent it from accessing the internet during test runs. Even though you provide it with an address, it still needs a single marker in order for it to be centered. That’s how I got it centered properly.

Try adding a marker to your map object, if possible.

Try use gmaps with this map option: "auto_adjust" => false
or just with js: pos = new google.maps.LatLng(your_lat, your_lng);