Globalize Plugin: SImple question about searching untraslated records


how can i find all record of untranslated field on a field under Globalize plugin ?


define a model:

class Translation < ActiveRecord::Base
translates :description

working with 2 locales (en-US base and it-IT)

when i create a record for english base locale and after set italian locale reading the translation of model.description I retrieve the default value (that's ok because Globalize uses coalesce to return the engish description if italian description is not present).

What can I do to know which translations is not already loadedin italian locale ? (sort of Model.find(:all, :conditions => "description is null or description = ''))

Thanks in advance.

I've solved from myself.

Simply using this condition only when not in base language:

Translation.find(:all, :conditions => "t_description.text is null")

Hope this helps...