Give Rhtml tutorial links

please give the rhtml tutorial links

If you will do rhtml, you will need to know Ruby first. If you
already know Ruby, you'll know how to do rhtml. Look at the tutorials
found in

fist of all i thank to u
already i gone through this site
so can u give other links to learn rhtml
plz give me

rhtml is html plus:

<% some_ruby_code_here %> will evaluate the ruby code without
producing output

<%= some_ruby_code_here %> will evaluate the code and output the results

for example, given a collection of posts with each post having a
name, then:

<% posts.each do |p| %>
   <%= h( %>
<% end %>

will output the sanitized name for each post. the name is the result
of the name method, and the sanitizing is done by the h() helper
method. your view has access to all the helper methods for your
controller, as defined in the appropriate helper.rb.