GitHub issues being closed as "stale" after a period of inactivity

As an open source developer myself, I always try to provide a minimal self-contained example when reporting a bug. However, Rails’ issue tracker closes issues automatically after 3 months of inactivity, even when someone else confirms that they’ve managed to reproduce the issue.

For me closing issues is sacred, it should only be done when the issue has been solved, or if there is not enough information to reproduce the issue in the first place. I know that the Rails core team is receiving more issues than they can handle, but that fact should then be visible, not hidden behind closed unresolved issues. I think this can also easily lead to duplicate bug reports, because the person reporting couldn’t find their issue reported among current open issues.

In order to keep the issue open, I have to comment every 3 months that “yep, it’s still an issue”. I shouldn’t have to put effort into keeping the issue open if I’ve already provided a minimal self-contained example that reproduces the bug.