git push not working

Hi again,

I’m working on


I’m trying to push the repository to the remote site but what ever I fials. I’ve updated, removed the s of the https etc but still can not push. using command

when I use command:

$ git remote add origin
$ git push -u origin master

it then requests my email and password then returns an error. please see attached screen shot for error.


follow the tutorial on github first for how to create a repo and push to it from your computer for the first time.


Follow this tutorial:

Thanks for the replies.

The problem is that I have already pushed once and it worked well.

after this I installed heroku. I think heroku (ON WINDOWS ) also installed a git so maybe there’s a conflict. but I dotn know where to start looking for conflict.

Cheers Nat


More info:

In my .ssh directory on windows, I have 2 SSH public keys

github_rsa id_rsa

And on my remote Git I have only one key. Can I add two SSH to github?

or can I call git and specify which key to use for authentication???


Note that this is not the Git help list.

Hi Temple,

Try ::

git remote -v

git push -f

I have plenty of ssh keys at github. One foe each of my PCs, one for my server, and every PC has at least 2 operating systems which have it’ its own key each.

They never interfered each other.

You should not use HTTPS for push, delete that remote and add it again using ssh protocol!