Heroku ssh key problem


Has anyone had any problems while trying to push an app to heroku ?

I get the following error although I have a valid ssh key pair on my machine. Didn’t have this problem on my previous pc.

Permission denied (publickey). fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly



Did you place the key in the correct directory and name the file as told by the service?

Yes, I did.Heroku finds the key but doesn’t like it. My guess is that Heroku is still looking for the key I used when I pushed my first app with a different machine. I’ll probably have to find that key pair and put it on my machine or simply get a new heroku account.

In the directory for your rails app type:

heroku keys

It should show you what keys you have installed. You probably just
need to add the key for your new machine with:

heroku keys:add


heroku help commands

for more help.



I know all the heroku commands by heart by now. Tried that one too…