Getting Started

Under section 1: "Guide Assumptions"

It would be nice to write that the text editor you MUST use throughout
the tutorial will save/understand UTF-8 format.

I was using emacs for some edits and the osx default for others

I got to the section on editing the layouts (6.8) and tried TextEdit
and it asked something about rtf that I ignored and said ok... and re-
wrote parts of the file to ensure the file didn't work!

I found the problem quickly thanks to Section 14: Gotchas, but when
starting from scratch it would be nice suggestion/warning relating to
editors in the first section that people are likely to read. For more
experienced developers, it won't be a big deal but if someone is
starting totally from scratch, it might just turn them off if the
getting started tutorial causes problems.

I agree, this should be in there.

James Gifford

Please go ahead and make the change in docrails.