getting started with jQuery rails 3.2

Hi all,

I'm trying to work out how to get started using some jQuery in my rails

rails -v = 3.2.2
ruby -v = 1.9.3-p194

I'm only sporadically a web-developer, and still quite inexperienced
with jQuery especially, so I may be making an obvious mistake.

Essentially, I've done very little after creating a new app, I've learnt
that jQuery is included by default with the gem 'jquery-rails', '2.0.0'.

In my application.js (app/assets/javascripts) I've added the line //=
require jquery-ui

I now want to have a datepicker in one of my forms, looking at the
jQueryUI website ( I can see that
the class of the text-field has to be "hasDatepicker", and the id

I've done this in my view like this

<%= f.text_field :game_start_time, :class => :hasDatepicker, :id =>
:datepicker %>

and also to test like this

<input type= "text" class="hasDatepicker" id="datepicker">

however when I click on the text-field nothing happens, no date picker

Is there some massively obvious step I'm missing here?

I've looked in the developer tools at the 'scripts' part, and found that
jQuery-ui seems to be loading with the page, I can even search and find
the datepicker fucntion there.

Is there some function I need to add in to say when the user clicks on
this text field, - show the date picker?

Thanks in advance

You don't need to set the class - jquery-ui does that itself when it
sets up the date picker. You do however need to tell it that you want
a date picker by calling


This tell query "I want a date picker, and make one from the DOM
element with id datepicker"

Typically you do something like


in your javascript, which ensures that this only happens once the DOM
is setup properly. If you've decided to follow the defaults and use
coffee script then this would be