Get parameters from datetime_select

I am using datetime_select to get the date and time from the user to
execute a certain program (details unrelevant). What I need to do is
to take certain parts from datetime_select and manipulate/use them.

In my view

Have a look in the log to see how it is being passed in the params.
If you still can't work it out break into your code using ruby_debug
and have a look at params to see what it consists off. I think you
will find that schtime is inside schtask in the params hash. If you
have not used ruby_debug have a look at the rails guide on debugging.


I've looked in the log and the parameter passed is schtime(3i). I
tried doing @day = @schtask.schtime(3i), but the RadRails IDE is not
reading the parenthese and 3i as part of schtime. I'll try