Get multiple values ​​checkbox tag

Hello everybody!

I am displaying a table with data coming from an xml so I'm stepping through the array and assembling the elements of each row. Each line has a check_box_tag to select the elements you wish to delete. Now what I need is to extract each selected two elements, that would be the identification code and date. Because for delete I need to request data with these two. The problem is that I am unable to extract two columns by clicking on check_box_tag. I have a javascript function to store the selected elements in an array I would also have to change this function to store in a multidimensional array. My main doubt now is how to extract these two columns by clicking on check_box_tag. Could someone help me please?

Loop to display the contents coming from xml:

<% @ag.each do |x| %>             <tr>                 <td align="center">                 <%= check_box_tag "#{x[0]}", 0, false, :name=> "chk_del", :onclick => "MultiSelectIDs('chk_del');" %>                  </td>                 <% x.each do |y| %>                     <td align="center"><%= y%></td>                     <% end %>                 </tr>             <% end %>

<%= text_field_tag :selected_ids, "", :size=>100 %>

javascript funtion:

// Insere na textbox especificada em fieldname os ids selecionados na listagem através dos checkbox //(criado para ser utilizado a exportação/impressão do relatório consolidado) function MultiSelectIDs(FieldName) {     var selected_ids = new Array()     var objCheckBoxes = document.getElementsByName(FieldName);     for(var i = 0; i < objCheckBoxes.length; i++){         if (objCheckBoxes[i].checked) {             var x = selected_ids.splice(selected_ids.length,0, objCheckBoxes[i].id);         }     }     document.getElementById('selected_ids').value = selected_ids.join(", ") };

thank you!

:slight_smile: Ale

Maybe I'm misunderstanding your use case, but why not just make the checkbox tag value = the data values you need to start with?

I am accessing an external webservice to display and manipulate data. The table is displayed in the view based on reading an external xml, array values ​​are dynamic. My goal is to select the checkbox two attributes get this array as parameters that will be needed to delete the record in the webservice. Everything would be easier if the webservice make available a single key, but it is not possible.

So now I'm trying to create a unique id at runtime for each checkbox selected in the elements and try to get it online.

?? So merge what you need into "value1_value2" or whatever and parse it back into 2 values on the server.