generating 'alt' text for images

I have a link on my page that lets me delete items from my database -

I currently use CSS to insert a background image of a cross (an X).

I want to display 'alt' text explaining that the button deletes items
from the db but I know this can't be done with CSS.

What is the rails code for doing this?

Currently I have
<%= link_to 'del', :action=>:destroy %>

The reason I need the alt text is becuase I have set the word 'del' to
be 0px so that it doesn't appear on scree. I just want to have the

Is there a way to make the image show 'alt' txt when someone rolls
over it?

<%= link_to 'del', :action=>:destroy %>

just use it the normal way instead:

<%= link_to(image_tag("/images/icons/delete.png", :alt =>
"delete", :title => "delete"), :action => :destroy) %>

Also as an FYI: The "alt" attribute is used to provide alternate text
for non-graphical clients and for screen readers. The correct
attribute for tool tips is "title." Yes I realize that IE will display
alt text as a tool tip, but IE is stupid and broken. Don't beleive me?
Then read the w3c specs on the two attributes and see for yourself. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much both of you!

I will start using Title from now.