generate SVG iamge

Hello all,

does anyone now how to generate SVG image from rails?


You should be able to put SVG in your views but it is tricky (see

How complex is your SVG. SVG is just XML. You should even be able to
use the XML Builder in Rails to generate SVG if you learn the SVG tag
set (language). As far as getting browser support, that's a bit
trickier. Some browsers are now understanding SVG natively. Among
these are Firefox 2.x and Safari v3.0 (I'm sure there are others). If
you need to support other browsers that don't understand SVG natively
you'll need to make sure your users have a SVG plugin for their

Also from experience, no all browser behave the same with SVG. Some
things work on one browser and not on another. Native support for SVG
in the browsers that support it is currently incomplete. Here is a
page showing the current support in Apple's WebKit (Safari nightly
build) for example.

You can use Rasem
to generate SVG images from your ruby source code. Check it out. It's
still in Alpha release but it looks good. At least, you can use it now
for simple images.

You didn't mention what your application was, but if you're looking
for SVG for the purpose of generating a graph, and not just general
drawing, you might take a look at ruby-graphviz (
glejeune/Ruby-Graphviz/), which is an interface to graphviz, which
will output SVG. It has less flexibility, but it does handle the
layout of the graph, which would otherwise be tedious if you had to
write it.