Generate a URL


What I want to do: I want a page with a button that a user can click on which will then display ( in a non-editable textbox) the url of a different page that is in a different controller. The user can then copy and paste the link in another webpage. The url will have to include an id to identify which page to show, example of url: http://localhost:3001/publish/preview/25

I need help on capturing the URL - examples are helpful.

I also need high-level help on creating the generate_url page. How do I create a form with a button that fills in the textbox on the same page. I know the basics of forms and buttons and such.

Hope this all makes sense - I can clarify if need be.

Thanks in advance --K

I figured out how to get the URL - used url_for.

Still working on the generate_url page - if anyone has anypointers on that.

I figured it all out. Thanks anyways.