Gem mailcatcher - do not received emails

I create new user. After creating should received confirmation mail. but when i open mailcatcher(… nothing!

i use mailcatcher v. 0.5.12, Rails 3.2.22

In development.rb added:

Don’t care if the mailer can’t send

  config.action_mailer.delivery_method = :smtp
  config.action_mailer.smtp_settings = { :address => "localhost", :port => 1025 }
  config.action_mailer.raise_delivery_errors = true


What is wrong with settings? How check error? Please, help, thank you.

i checked with


Hi Dmitriy.

Do you use background jobs to send emails? If so, you probably need to start them in development.

Take a look at your test/development.log and check if email is actually being sent. Maybe that should help figuring out the issue.



In development mode, the default is to *not* actually send mails, so
you need to change that:

         config.action_mailer.perform_deliveries = true