I finally found some time to install flex yesterday and I found it
really really interesting!

Running a huge photo competition I've always had THE big problem:
users getting mad (and doing bad http things) trying to post (too) big
images.. and finally the solution came! I can't believe it was so easy
and fast: all excited I created a small application that works really
good with rails (on localhost for sure, when running on dreamhost *DOH!
* let's say once out of five attempts...) to tell the truth the
application I run on (to do some testing) uploads all
images (and any other file) successfully to the server (you would see
the uploaded xxx.jpg but progress
bar and confirmation label not always work..)

I'm having fun and I think the idea of should grow, but I
don't have time to do this all alone.. anyone wants join? I want to
find out how to post other variables along with the file, interact
with RMagik and so on..

Hi Emanuele,

Since you're using Flex with Rails, I should point you to this (http://

He has done 2 awesome RIAs using flex and Rails. I'm sure he would be
glad to help you..