New Rails/Flex blog

Hi Guys n Gals...

I've finally got round to putting up a blog, my way of giving back to
the community.

I'm going to cover stuff to with Flex and Rails, and some tidbits on
syncing a huge legacy Filemaker (?!) database with Rails/MySQL.. from
an in the trenches perspective.

Starting off with a case study of a Flex application I'm in the
process of building which will be updated every couple of days as I
get stuff done on it.


Feel free to look around, comment, pick it apart, get some ideas



A big thanks for your contribution :slight_smile: Welcome to my RSS reader.

Nice. Welcome to my reader as well.

One comment, the site is a bit difficult to read for a color-blind

Looks good.

Just out of curiosity, what led you to go with WordPress?

Also, any chance of you upping the font size a little? Grey-on-grey
and grey-on-black is hard to read. :frowning:


Joon & Joe

Good points about colour blind/small fonts etc... I just used a
vanilla wordpress template... got to work on something more fitting
and accessible.

Installing wordpress sometime's when it's all about convenience a 'one
click install' of a package is certainly more appealing that setting
up a rails app (even though I love rails, I don't love setting up a
site!). I'm not the only one around with a PHP site for rails
advocacy !


Okay I've tweaked everything round, should be much more readable for
anyone that had difficulties. Not tested on IE, but looks fantastic on

Also a few fun little elements from my previous company's
branding..... good for a laugh.