Fulltime RoR Programmer Needed

We are looking to pay WELL above market rate for a seriously good Ruby
on Rails developer to help us improve our existing products and create
new ones. You may work from home at this job but MUST be available
from 9-5 PST. You must have a solid portfolio of your work and also be
very good at taking charge of development to get things done within a
tight deadline. You will be our only RoR programmer.

We are looking for someone with the following:
- Expert RoR Skills
- Strong understanding of Web Standards
- Extremely fast and deadline oriented (you MUST hit deadlines)
- Extremely self-sufficient

This is an intensive job and will require someone with very good
skills that is looking to be equally compensated for those skills. For
example you must be capable of receiving XHTML templates and
guidelines for a new application and be able to turn out a prototype
of the application in around 2 weeks. Most work will require you to
add features to our existing products but there will be occasions
where we need new products developed.

Only individual applicants in the USA are currently being considered,
please do not contact us if you are a business or non-US resident. If
you are currently working on a project and looking for a job to help
support you please do not contact us, we are looking for someone who
can dedicate their full attention to this job. If chosen, we will
provide you with a 2-week contract project as a test run to see if you
are a good fit.

Email roremployer at gmail dot com if interested. Please include your
resume and portfolio of work.