Full-time / Part-time work and business from home - India.


Anybody looking for part-time or full time income from the range of Rs
1,000/- to Rs 50,000/-, please mail me at anil.sanapala@wipro.com.

Interested people can also call me at 9886218818, Bangalore.

No Educational Qualifications are need in specific. Students are also
allowed in the part-time oppourtunity. But age > 18 Years.

Proper training would be given for interested people.

Life long benefits are also available as Royalty income.

Also people with good business background can also mail me at
Requires atleast 4-8 hours of commitment in a week. Will require some
basic affordable investment which is required to get the products that
must be marketed.

Please remember that this is a business oppourtunity which can make
full time or part-time income.

If you do not like any of the products, you will get full cash back
even when 30% of the product has been consumed.

Insurance Agents or Employees planning for Insurance, (Tied up with MAX
New York Life Insurance)

Telephone Connection Distributors/Customers, (Tied up with Reliance)

Credit Card Holders, (Affiliated with ICICI)

Petrol/Diesel/Automobile Fuel Consumers, (Affiliated with BPCL)

Health Care Specialists, (Medicines include Individual Vitamin Tables,
Protein powder, Minerals tablets like Iron, Folic, Calcium, etc,
Special purpose tablets like Salmon Oil Capsules to maintain Omega 3 to
Omega 6 ration in our body - particularly for non-vegiterians, lot
more. I just cant give all names. But these pills have been 99%
effective since they all are Nutrilite products which is a 70 year old
company with more than 450 registered patents)

Skin Care Specialists, (Cosmetic products include Face Wash,
Moisturisers, Toners, Anti-Aeging agents, Age Defying agents, Eye mark
cleansers, cold creams, Skin Softners, etc. - All of them are organic
and patented products. Each one of them has a uniqueness and holding
patents registered for all products. Artistry and Attitude are the 2
companies which produce these products. Their raw material is supplied
by Nutrilite which itself practices Organic Farming).

All Doctors / General Physicans, (They have patients of all varieties
and they and give these products for them.)

Weight Management Programs / Obesity Consultants, (We have deadly
effective products like Postrium with a 14 day refill pack. It is a
wonderful product that reduces weight by supplying the essential
nutrients, instead of Dieting. When people reduce their food intake or
skip meals, body makes it a habit of forming fat reservers and thereby
increasing the problem. When all essential nutrients are supplied, this
tendency is not observed and the fat actually starts dissolving.
Great!!! Once again it is patented for this wonderful research.)

Malnutrition patients, (Again Nutrilite provides individual tables for
each vitiamin and mineral containing small quantities of other
nutrients supporting in digestion of hard minerals like Iron with Folic

Car Decor Holders / Car Wash Centres Owners / Automobile Service
centres (Products include Automobile Washing Shampoos, Special Dirt
removing agents, After Wash Buffing agents for good shine, lastly
protective coating agents to prevent scratches and prevent loss of the
shine by the paint.)

House Keeping Product retailers / consumers (Products include dish /
clothes / glassware / floor tile washing agents, wood/glass/paint
texture buffing agents, Body&Hair Soaps/Sampoos/lotions, Tooth Brushes,
Toothpaste, ... and so on).

Agriculture Institute Employees / Farmers / people having such
relations. This is an Ever Green field till man can live without food.
Currently, We are distributin APSA-80, an Adjuvant. This helps in
reducing the investment and increasing the crop yield.

If you are interested in Retailing or Distributing or Consuming any of
the above products,
contact me at +91-9886218818, Bangalore, India.

Or you could mail me at anil.sanapala@wipro.com

Remember that you could approach me as a Customer, Shop-Keeper, Whole
saler, or an individual.

More important is that referral benifits are also included. No one can
imagine to say no to such a wide range of products which are being used
Day-in and Day-out along with products in the Fast Moving Consumer
Goods - FMCG sector.

So, Feel free to contact me at above mentioned address.