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Hi everyone,

I have gone through some of the threads in this group and I’m glad to know that there are a lot of talented RoR Experts in the groups.

I am Business Development Specialist @ SutraLite, India’s 1st Low Cost - Fixed Fee Recruitment Service.

We realize that RoR experts are a rare specie, but we have successfully closed this position for a lot of companies, some of them have a pan India presence now.

We have specially designed a recruitment plan called Superb Plan, for niche profiles like these.

I’ve provided a detailed overview of the Superb Plan, below. If you have any doubts/questions, feel free to contact me.

  • Job exposure through various avenues (Job portals, Linkedin, Branchout etc.)
  • Keyword based targeted Mass Email campaigns
  • Recruitment Specialist **filtered **responses before they reach your inbox
  • We will call and do a detailed job-pitch to candidates you shortlist via resumes
  • Headhunting candidates from a list of Companies/Competitors provided by you.
  • During headhunting, we will send you resumes only if candidates show interest in your job, or fit within your budgets.
  • We will also do a quick check on basic skills/quality, during headhunting calls. (Eg. Communication, Past Experience, Salary, Management Skills etc.)
  • Scheduling Interviews with upto 10 shortlisted candidates.
  • Once any candidate(s) reaches final levels of talks, we will do up to 2 reference checks and also play referee in salary negotiations. Plan Amount : Rs. 19,999

Here’s a link to our website for your reference → - India’s 1st Low-Cost Recruitment Service.

If you have any doubts/questions, feel free to contact me.

Thanks & Regards,

Neeraj Kambli

Business Development Specialist

Mob: + 91-9223-388-147



Twitter: @Neeraj_Kambli


Not to mention, We provide Guaranteed results, or your money back. :slight_smile: