full_filename error testing attachement_fu plugin

hi there,
I'm testing my install of attachment_fu on rails 1.2.3 (on a mac with
darwin ports) using:
rake test:plugins
everything is fine apart from 2 tests, but I don't really understand
what's going wrong with them.
I'm actually using ImageScience rather than RMagick, but I think the
test_suite tests everything that's installed
111 tests, 504 assertions, 0 failures, 2 errors

here's the output for the 2 errors I get:

I'd be very grateful if anyone had the time to look and see if it's
something obvious.


Looks like a rmagick problem?

--Scott T.

I don't know whether that's related to the database backend. Just in case, I faced a problem with the database backend that produced that error message:


-- fxn