From Eclipse to Textmate

Gernot Kogler wrote:

A month ago I bought a Macbook Pro (my first Apple) and I'm really very
happy with it. I am used to Eclipse and RADRails for Rails Development
under Windows and Linux. I bought the famous Textmate and while I like
the lightweight feel of it, I miss some features from Eclipse like
seamless subversion integration and such. What tools do you Mac people
use besides Textmate?

Our cycle with svn rarely strays out of this envelop:

   svn up # what did you do?
   svn diff # what did we do?
   svn revert path/file # we should not have done it!
   rake ci m='what we did'

ci is a rake task that runs all our tests, and calls `svn ci -m "#{ENV['m']}"`

Frankly, there's almost nothing to integrate there. We don't do the
pathetic Visual Studio Classic thing were you have to click on each
file to check it out. And we certainly never check in just one file at
a time without a test run to back it up. The goal is that each ci is a
coherent integration of one tested version of the code.

Always develop with a command line open - preferrably bash - and enter
those command lines there. They are much more flexible and
user-friendly than a clicker inside an editor. That leads to mouse

TextMate has a bit of Subversion integration out of the box. No, it’s not as nice as what Eclipse offers… synchronizing, visual diff, etc… however, I agree with Philip, having a good grasp of command line svn will eventually save ye arse at some point.

Check out this link for more info about TextMate bundles: