Foundation css not loading correctly

First of all, good forum to all.

While I was doing my homework with Ruby on rails, I was told that I had to use the foundation css library, so I installed the foundation in my project and it was installed without any problems.

But although there is no error in the system, the styles cannot be loaded correctly, how can I solve this problem?



I don’t understand mixins completely, but none of the classes you’ve shown show up on the page. The scss has column (no s). Maybe if you change columns to column you’ll see some styling.

Thank you for your response. the problem is that foundation cannot load some styles while it loads some styles. I couldn’t find a document even though I searched on the internet.

Foundation is most definitely not required to use Rails. Choose any library you want or use straight vanilla css.

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you can also open chrome dev tool console panel to see more details.

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