form_for issue

I have this object in a controller action. The controller is named

def detail
@house = House.find(:params[:id])

the action loads a view, localhost/translation/detail

<% form_for @house do |f| %>
<%= f.text_area :descrizioneEng, :cols => 80, :rows => 6, %>
<%= f.submit "salva" %>
<% end -%>

the passed parameters are right, the db gets updated correctly,
but then I get the localhost/houses/5
page loaded. I'd like to get translation/list instead...


Ar Chron wrote:

Where the user goes after a create or update is the controller's decision...

Here is the controller action...

   def update
     @house = House.find(params[:id])

     if @house.update_attributes(params[:house])
       flash[:notice] = "Traduzione salvata"

maybe I found the cause, routes.rb has
map.resources :houses

If you want to go to a different page from the update action just add
a redirect_to list_translations_url or something like that after the

Your route.rb looks correct