I have an index page that shows each of my Customers, and each row in
the display has an Update link which routes to my update method. That
simply does a find on the Customer id from the link and sets an
instance variable for the update view.

My update view renders a partial (same one used in the new/create) and
uses the following form:
     <form id="customerEditForm" method="get" controller ="Customer"

I have code in the edit method to get all the updated fields and
persist the changes. However, when I click on the submit button, the
update action is executed, not the edit action.

I thought it may be something to do with Rails automatic routing, so I
renamed the update and edit actions to something very unusual ("edit"
was renamed to "sally", and "update" was renamed to "frank") - same
results - I wanted sally, but got frank.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for the help, Max - I am making progress, but still have
an issue I cannot figure out.

The reason I was hard coding the form is because when I used the
form_for, I was getting unexpected results and errors (I cannot
remember now what they were). But now that I go back to using
form_for, I get an error like this:

     Unknown action

     No action responded to 3. Actions: create, edit, index, new, and

(In this case, 3 is the id of my Customer. If I select a different
customer, I get that id in the error message.)

Any ideas on that error?

Thanks again,