For Ruby 3.0: asdf, chruby, or docker?

Now that Ruby 3.0 is out and many people will be upgrading, what do you recommend for a version manager?

I’m the author of the book Learn Ruby on Rails and I’ve written an installation guide Install Ruby 3.0 on macOS. In the guide, I recommend asdf (because it is a universal version manager that also manages node) or chruby (because it is efficient and simple). I don’t recommend rbenv, rvm, or docker (for reasons explained in the guide). I’m revising the guide regularly and I’d like to know if I should revise it further, based on what I hear from developers. What’s the best way for a beginner to install Ruby and manage versions?

I switched to asdf years ago, and never looked back. One issue I’ve faced is that you need two projects to be updated for a new release to be available by default, but on the other side a couple of env variables will do the trick (by forcing a plug-in to a specific branch or commit)