First post - InstantRails issues

Hi all. I have just installed InstantRails on my XP box, generated the application skeleton, created my databases, edited database.yml, created a model and controller, edited the controller to contain some method stubs, fired up webrick, navigated to the following URL:


my controller being ClassfiedController and my method being list, and instead of seeing an error telling me there is no associated view file (what I expected to see), I get a 404.

The application was generated fine, any ideas what this is caused by? Be gentle, I started using rails today!

Can you successfully run the sample cookbook app that is included with
IR? Try that to make sure (forget Apache, just start it with Mongrel
and browse directly to the port). That will at least let you know that
everything is working ok.

After that, compare your app to the cookbook app (which is very
simple) and maybe you'll get a clue.