Find a record in a find array

A find will make an array, right? Or is it a hash? Anyway, if I have
several records in an array/hash, how can I find e.g. record with id 10
and it's content?

I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at here.

If you have a model named Post, you could easily find the record with ID of 10 by doing the following:


But if you truly do have an array of post instances, you can find the one with ID of 10 using Enumerable.find:

array_name.find { |instance| == 10 }

If you already have the results of a find operation, @records for
example (which is like an array with extra functionality) then to find
the record with id 10 within that by
@record10 = @records.find(10)

Similarly you can do other active record find operations involving
conditions, order and so on.

Or of course you can simply do Record.find(10) to get the original
record from the db as Tim has pointed out.