Can you run a find on an existing hash?

This is probably a basic question, but I was wondering if / how it's possible to run a find on an existing hash.

For instance:

1. I need to pull all products in the database for a simple list: @products = Products.find(:all)

2. At a separate portion of the page, I want to display products that are in, say, category 5.

From scratch, I could run... @new_products = Products.find(:all, :conditions => {:category_id => 5})

Although, I thought you could also do

@new_products = @products.find(:all, :conditions => {:category_id = 2})

My query has been returning a wrong number of arguments (2 for 1), so I wasn't sure if I was headed on the right track.

Enumerables (and thus arrays) have a method called find, but it's not an activerecord find and so has different syntax. Check the ruby standard library api for details of enumerable's find.