Filter chain halted

I have

"Filter chain halted as [#<ActionController::Filters::ClassMethods::SymbolFilter:0x2606114 @filter=:index>] rendered_or_redirected."

development log. What does this mean?

rails 1.99.1
OS X Leopard, Mongrel 1.1.1


In theory it means that a filter rendered or redirected. It used to be the case that the filter chain only halted if you returned false from it, however that changed recently so that rendering or redirecting also stop the chain. Does that fit ?


Frederick Cheung wrote:

Ryan None wrote:

I just ran into this problem too. Funny thing is that my site works
fine under Firefox3b4, but craps out on IE7.

Odd I say, any ideas?

It appears that in IE7, session[:user_id] is NULL, but in FF3b4 it works
just dandy. People have been complaining about it to MS since Sept
2006, and as recently as last month:

Any help?

Hi All:

In my application, i load database depending on the url(with client
specific subdomains)used. So, at times i intentionally clear the
sessions to land the user in correct db. But this is not posing any

It works all well on my localhost but when i placed the same application
on the server running Fast CGI, it logs out every now and then.

The production.log says "Filter chain halted as
@filter=:login_required>] returned false."

Although in the flow there is no single call to the function responsible
for clearing the session. I maintain session in db, tried to clear them
all to check if it helps but no success.

Can anybody lead me in the right direction? What's could be the probable
reason of such vivid behavior. Is FAST CGI, the culprit?

What should be done to get out of this issue?
Thanks in Advance

Priya Saini