fill out external form ?


Now if I understand you correctly what you've described here is a
simple HTTP transaction which can be performed by pretty much every
modern programming tool out there. What do you need Rails for here?


Yuri's point was that Rails is a framework for building database-backed web applications. You probably just need a command-line script... er, unless maybe you wanted to make your own web page that called the other web page but didn't have the ads... yeah, I can see that.

Anyway, what you need is a web scraping tool. Popular tools I've heard of (but have not used) are scrubyt ( and hpricot (

You might also do some googling for a Ruby SMS library (uh, like ruby-sms: and just do the SMS work yourself... then you don't have the overhead of scraping the SMS website and you're not dependent on them being up.


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