Assist me in Screen Scraping

Hi everyone,

Am a newbie in RoR. I want to develop a rails app, which could search
flight info from my rails app, fetch the flight informations from
various airlines sites(for example; airasia and malaysia airlines).
display those results back in my rails app.
My search module should include the following textfields:

Departure Date:2/11/2009
Return date: 19/11/2009
Departure Time: 12:00
Number of tickets: 2

user gets to enter the information above on my site and
a script should search flights according to that information on
various airlines sites and
display the results with the tag of which airlines is providing this

Can either use "Scrapi" or "Scrubyt"

can anyone offer an assistance?


Hi Hassano

Start with “Scrapi”


Hi Sandip

i learnt basic scraping with scrapi, through Ryan Bates railscasts.

i just need to go deep and scrape some airline information via my rails app.

Can you please guide me more?

Thank you,


Sure…tell me