Fetching RSS feeds asynchronously in background

Hello everyone,

I want to fetch some (5-10) RSS feeds from another server. I plan to fetch the RSS feeds asynchronously and store them on the hard disk every 30 minutes so I can read them from there on every request. (To treat the remote server with care and to avoid longer page generation time).

What is the best way to do that?

I think about starting a fetcher-thread on the start of my Rails application. I want to avoid cron jobs to keep everything in the Rails application.

Thank you!

So long Lennart Koopmann

Hi Lennart,

You may have interests on this: http://github.com/janx/newsmailer/blob/a4329bab234d8cc0252d9d7a72e97036b8a278df/app/models/crawler.rb

Best, Jan

* Lennart Koopmann <koopmann.lennart@googlemail.com> [2009-01-30 13:09:19 +0100]: